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JET FC began on 14th February 1986 with a request for a subsidy. Other documents recovered from the dusty JET archives catalogue the highs and lows of the club. Founded by Europeans and playing as JET Soccer Club in the Ebony League, promotions and fair play awards in the AUTVL, the urgent request for more subsidies, the request for a bigger trophy cabinet, the disappointment when players failed to turn up for a semi-final, the match fixing ban and, of course, the many illustrious European tours competing for the ASCERI Football Trophy .


February 2007 marked the 21st anniversary of JET FC and a commemorative CD and DVD (Sid's video nasty ) were produced. This was made possible by the help, photos and background information provided by:

Andy Chamberlain, Andy Johnson, Bob Brooks, Dave Sutton, Dave Worrall, Duarte Borba, Gary Nixon, Gary Siddall, Geoff Broughton, Greg Sloan, Ian Wall, Markus Gammelin, Nick Whitworth, Panos Karditsas, Paul Coates, Paul Milverton, Richard Pitts and Steve Firkin.

This photo album is dedicated to all those who pulled on a JET FC shirt, Markus Gammelin who held the team together until 1998, and the sadly missed Craig Howard (Wolfie), John Henely, Steve Cox, Doug Pole and Panos Karditsas.


Please send you JET FC related photos and corrections to:

Photo prints and slides can be scanned for you and videos copied to DVD.