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Panos Karditsas who died May 2012



I'm very sad to hear about Panos, with whom I've played many times with the JET FC, and also at lunch time at JET, where he was one of bosses of the game. I cannot say he moved a lot around the pitch, but I cannot count how many times he sent me on the wing with precise long passes. He was always in a good mood, and had absorbed pretty well a nice British sense of humour.



He could turn on the preverbal sixpence with the ball somehow attached to his feet then rifle in a long range shot.



His dazzling footwork and exceptional skill at dead ball situations are sadly now consigned to a higher state of play.



Panos was a top guy.



Sad news! The photos bring back some good memories of Panos.



I have fond memories of Panos!



Fond memories.



I remember him playing at lunch times to get fit for the JET matches on the weekend.  Had a good left foot and he was very skilled, although his radius on the pitch was somewhat small. Although being Greek he had developed the British humour which is necessary to make people chuckle. He was a nice guy and he will be sadly missed.

Panos Karditsas playing for JET Football Club


Atomiade in Pierrelatte, France 1997: bottom left


1999/2000 season: bottom right


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