Kennington Athletic 2 March 2014

Darrell Barrett breaks a leg
Darrell 3   JET’s match with Kennington Athletic ended abruptly following a serious injury to their midfielder Darrell Barrett. The second half substitute was given treatment on the field before leaving in an ambulance a few hours after. X-rays later revealed a breakage in both bones around the shin area. Both teams and the referee agreed to abandon the match with 20 minutes remaining after JET led 2-0. Darrell 2   Kick off was 10:30 so there was a very long wait for the ambulance Darrell 1  Darrell got put in the ambulance eventually at 3 pm and A&E at about 4 pm xray 1 March 14
xray 2 March 14 xray 3 June 14 xray 4 March 15 xray 5 March 15
Img 1728  Darrell in his Sampson Boot June 2015. "They think that I wasn't getting enough calcium in my diet as well as vitamin D  but stresses are related to the trauma."