JET last game of season and awards 13 May 2018

JET FC May 2018   Back Row: Ben Fourarce, Graeme Smith, Jamie Tricker, Jamie Stroud, Rob Padbury, Mark Lockwood, Geraint Apps, Chris Baker, Clint Hedges, Geoff Broughton    Front Row: Dan West, Owen O'Sullivan, Max O'Neill, Dan Woodley, Rich Buckle, Aaron Aquilina, James Broughton Mark Lockwood  This was Mark Lockwood last game for JET FC. Captain and played up front. IMG 20180513 124251208 HDR  Max and the amazing disappearing box of Jaffa Cakes IMG 20180513 124328358
IMG 20180513 125555359  Mark and Grant. With this chip, I do wed. IMG 20180513 125738190 HDR  Clint reminds everyone that JET won their only cup, ever, under his one season as manager IMG 20180513 125825033  Ben demonstrates how he fluffed a 1 yard open goal IMG 20180513 125831883 HDR  Ben was the Top Scorer
IMG 20180513 125900795 HDR  Dan gained the Most Man of the Matches IMG 20180513 125936722 HDR  Owen was the most improved player. Can now slice the ball with both feet. IMG 20180513 130009652 HDR  Clint awarded the Manager's Player to Dan Woodley whose secret talent is a misaligned hip joint IMG 20180513 130111539 HDR  Ben Fouracre was voted the Players' Player
IMG 20180513 130157220 HDR  This was Clint's first and only speech as manager. The most successful ever in terms of silverware. IMG 20180513 130501908 HDR  Captain Rob recounted in less than 10 minutes the team's exploits over the tumultuous season IMG 20180513 125541905  Chris Baker: I'm not disappointed with my performance. I spent a lot of money on booze, birds and fast cars. The rest I just squandered.