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JET FC vs Didcot Casuals 2 September 2007

Pete Moore, Joe Singleton, Tim Jones, Geraint Apps, Dave Butler, Nigel King, Jason Bowles, Tom Hazeldine, Lee Borner, Geoff Broughton
Gavin Clarke, Graham Hall, Richard Findlay, Dave Cookson, Terry O’Neil					

The first game of the new season. 
Four new faces, five unregistered players and one retired goalkeeper.

We kicked off the season with a creditable 3-3 draw today with a lot of new faces putting in some excellent performances which was good to see. 
We came back from 3-1 down finished dominating the game. 
Nige scored a left foot/ right foot / header hat trick. 
Dave Cookson was MOTM. 
Thank you everyone who played for such a spirited performance and to Tom H for running the line.

Who is available for our next game against Hampstead Norreys?

Cheers Appsy

JET FC vs Didcot Casuals 02-09-07
7 Oct 2007

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