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JET Match 16 Oct 2005 League game v

Alfredian Rebels at Abingdon Town

1-0 to JET in the last minute

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This football lark is all too easy

Joe remembers those glory days

Ian looking sharp

Open net fails to stop Pete


Corner plan goes astray

Crowd hushed by distant church bells

Fancy footwork leads to corner

No matter how good you are, you still have Dave to beat

Pin point throw reaches Chris

Robin goes for goal

Gavin makes the break, Dan gets it up the arse

JET break runs out of talent

Mid-field ping pong

Nice stop Tom

And the crowd goes wild

Dan takes them on, Dave saves the day

Grace and style


Through ball from Dan

Alfredian Rebel shoots at open touch line

Dave Butler provides choice encouragement

Football is a passing game

Geraint turns defence into a goal kick

JET causes havoc in car park

Mid-field lethargy gives away corner

Someone had it

The grass must be too long? No, looks perfect

JET gains precious inches

Rich shows no fear

Robin wages war