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JET Football Team 22 April 2007

Last game of the season.



Jon Wright

Dave Cookson

Geraint Apps

Nigel King

Dave Butler

Andy Suggitt

Jordan Scott

Chris Hoy

Joe Singleton

Bob Brooks

Richard Findlay

Dan Forster

Geoff Broughton

>>> GERAINT APPS <> 04/23/07 12:42 PM >>>

Dear All


We finished the season on a high note with a 4-3 win away at JP's yesterday and witnessed the spectacle of Geoff leading the line for the last 5 minutes.


I would like to thank all those who, at some stage this season, came to support, stood on the touch-line with a flag in their hand, who didn't complain when substituted, who didn't complain when made a substitute/not picked, who didn't complain when played out of position and who didn't complain at having to listen to my team talks. I think that just about covers everyone in the team.


Considering the fact that we put out a very different squad every week, I think we had a decent season and put in some memorable performances. Things continue to be on the up and the players we now have plus a new goalkeeper should make us strong candidates for promotion next season.


As aways, the will be a JET game/awards/BBQ in the summer.


The JET spirit lives on.

Cheers Appsy