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Geraint Apps, Paul Nixon, Alan Wyllie, Jon Wright, Gary Nixon, Ian Behling, Des Cook, Bob Brooks, Nick Whitworth
Ed Bowen, Ed Apps, Graham Hutchisen, Dan Forster, Ian Wall, Gary Siddall		

Geoff Broughton was at the hospital having two dislocated fingers fixed. 
These were knackered during the first pre-match warm-up by Paul (knuckle-crusher) Nixon.
Geoff did not play at all on his first tour.
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Belgium 4-7 June 1999
Nick W, Dan F, Jon W, Geoff B, Geraint A, Bob B, Ian W
Nick Whitworth
Nick Whitworth 2
Nick Whitworth and Ian Wall
Paul Nixon, Jon Wright and Ian Behling
The Final
Alan Wyllie
Belgium 4-7 June 1999
Bob Brooks
Dan Forster
Dan Forster and Ian Wall
Dan Forster, Alan Wyllie and Ed Apps
Ed Apps
Ed Apps, Gary Siddall and Geraint Apps
Ed Bowen
Ed Bowen again
Gary Nixon and Des Cook

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