BBQ 29 Aug 2014

IMGP1260   The grand JET FC awards gala evening without the BBQ. Players Player Trophy, Player's Player, Most Man of Matches, Golden Boot and Manager's Player. IMGP1262   Tom Turner (soon to be ex-Treasurer), Alan Potter (narrowly missed the linesman of the year award due to double cataract operation), Richard Findlay (previous treasurer), Dave Cookson (Manager), Aaron Aquilina and Andy Potter photo 4   Don't look at the price photo 5
IMGP1263   James Stock, Rob Padbury, Graeme Smith, Geraint Apps, Darrell Barrett (recovered from broken leg), Tom Turner, Alan Potter and Richard Findlay IMGP1264   Aaron Aquilina, Andy Potter, Richard Buckle (secretary), James Broughton, Bill Boon, Shane Hedges, Andy Steer and Tom Cover IMGP1265   George Hoareau, Jon James and James Stock (broke collar bone playing cricket, professional accountant and next Treasurer) IMGP1266
photo 3   Geoff Broughton with camera IMGP1267   Jon receives the golden boot for 22 goals photo 1 IMGP1268   Jon with the most Man of the Matches (4)
photo 11 photo 13 IMGP1269   Tonm Turner receives the Manager's Player award on behalf of the absent Matt Mallia who is leaving soon photo 12
IMGP1270   Andy Potter, James Broughton, Bill Boon, Pete Fox , Shane Hedge and Andy Steer IMGP1271   Jon receives the Players' Player annual trophy - needs to return before leaving in a few weeks time photo 14 IMGP1272   Dave winds up speach and suggests an evening at the Abingdon Wetherspoons
IMGP1273   Bill thanks Manager Dave for all his hard work throughout the season photo 15   Player bonding