Awards 27 Oct 2019

IMG 0834   The Manager's recounted the many successes during the previous season. Graham was rather sceptical. Geoff was engrossed with counting the money. IMG 20191027 125049   Once upon a time JET FC could not squeeze into this bar Aaron Top Scorer   Aaron was the joint top scorer IMG 0836
Rob Top Scorer   Rob was the other top scorer The Top Scorers   The joint top scorers were overwhelmed by the size of their accolades Img 0839   Something to show the great great grandchildren IMG 0841   James Broughton won the most man of the matches. Dad received the award. The JET treasurer had lavished club funds on this gong for the Broughton trophy cabinet
Ashley Most Improved Player   Max declared Ashley to be the most improved player. He certainly played better without the appendix IMG 0842 IMG 0843   His inflamed appendix was bigger IMG 0847   Max wondered if he deserved to be the Manager's Player
Jamie Tricker Managers Player   Jamie Tricker was the Manager's Player Jamie Tricker Players Player Trophy   There was no contest for the Players' Player Jamie Tricker Players Player Award   Jamie Tricker with his Players' Player award which he could treasure forever IMG 0845
IMG 0850   The keeper was the busiest player on the pitch last season IMG 20191027 130329   Jealous? IMG 0838   Rob had a new toy to play with