Awards 12 Aug 2016

IMG 20160812 202306705  Andy Potter, Aaron Aquilina, Chris Masters and Adam Duffield IMG 20160812 202224141  Tom Marianczak, Bob Brooks, Tom Turner, George brooks, Paul West and Aaron Aquilina IMG 20160812 202202327  Tom Turner, George Brooks, Max O'Neill, Graeme Smith, Rob Padbury, Paul West, Darrell Barrett, Owen O'Sullivan, Tom Marianczak and Bob Brooks IMG 20160812 202235951  Paul West, Max O'Neill, Graeme Smith, Rob Padbury and Darrell Barrett
IMG 20160812 202300658  Alan Potter, Rich Buckell, Andy Potter and Aaron Aquilina IMG 20160812 202339723  Bill Boon IMG 20160812 202524751  Mark Lockwood and wife IMG 20160812 202316754  Julian, James Stock and Chris Buckell
IMG 20160812 202855681  Mark Lockwood, Alan Potter and Geoff Broughton IMG 20160812 202825476  The dazzling array of trophies and minature keepsakes IMG 20160812 204938993  Owen accepting the Manager's Player award from the out going manager IMG 20160812 205048169  Aaron was the top scorer
IMG 20160812 205250837  James Stock taking the most Man of the Matches award (2 games) IMG 20160812 205311488  Shared with Rich Buckell IMG 20160812 205336910  Also Rob Lucibello. Mark Lockwood humbly accepts the honour on behalf of Rob IMG 20160812 205355094  Plus Aaron
IMG 20160812 205508438  Dave Cookson checking how many years ago he won the Players' Player trophy IMG 20160812 205626723  James was voted the Players' Player and was allowed to keep the prestigious trophy for 12 months IMG 20160812 205658470  James overcome with emotion thanks his parents, high school teachers and the founding fathers of New Zealand without whom ...... IMG 20160812 205709389  James, the new manager for the new season, rallies the troops
IMG 20160812 205919602  Then surprise gifts to Alan Potter and Geoff Broughton