Awards 10 Sept 2017

IMG 20170910 125114   Daniel West, hop-a-long Darrell Barrett, Owen O'Sullivan and Aaron Aquilina IMG 20170910 125131   Owen O'Sullivan, Aaron Aquilina, Rich Buckell, Dave Cookson, Geraint Apps and junior, Graeme Smith and Rob Padbury IMG 20170910 125155   Sorry Geraint, junior does not meet Dave's minimum height requirement IMG 20170910 125203   I can taste beef dripping
IMG 20170910 125445 IMG 20170910 125452   The new talent.  Dan West and Ben Fouracre. Don’t be put off by the matching kit and Ben’s slippers IMG 20170910 125511   Tom Cover, Jamie Stroud, James Stock and Clint Hedges IMG 20170910 125639   Smug git
IMG 20170910 130222   For crying out loud Get on with it IMG 20170910 130248   The outgoing manager, James Stock, kicked off reminiscing about the highs and lows of last season. IMG 20170910 130316   Top scorer was Rob Padbury with 7. That was one a month. IMG 20170910 130355   There was a tie for the most-man-of-the-matches.  With James Stock and Graeme Smith equal on 3. Graeme added this prestigious award to his trophy cabinet.
IMG 20170910 130441   Rob bagged his second gong when James declared him the Manager’s Player of the season. IMG 20170910 130529    ... and finally the award for the Players' Player. Did I say how much I loved you and will remember you always? IMG 20170910 130547   Graeme Smith is the Players' Player for 2016/17 IMG 20170910 130543   Honestly, Graeme, it’s yours mate, no mistake, I’ve double checked.
IMG 20170910 130551   Cheers guys IMG 20170910 130612   One day you can grow up and wear shorts like mine IMG 20170910 130701   The new manager, Clipped Hedges, is determined to follow in the Kiwi’s footsteps. The Maori tattoos and nearly all black kit is a promising start.