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Keith Malone, Phil Carter, Steve Firkin, Dave Sutton, Gary Nixon, Andy Chamberlain, Gary Siddall, Some foreigner to make up the numbers 
Panos Karditsas, Markus Gammelin, Ian Wall, Nick Whitworth, Nico Zornig	
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Nico Zornig and Andy Chamberlain
Nico Zornig and Phil Cater
Panos Karditsas and Keith Malone
Steve Cox
Steve Cox and Ian Wall
Steve F, Dave S, Gary N, Nico Z and Ian W
Steve Firkin
Steve Firkin 2
Steve Firkin 3
Steve Firkin, Gary Siddall and Dave Sutton
Andy Chamberlain
Andy Chamberlain 2
anon and Andy Chamberlain
Dave Sutton and Andy Chamberlain
Dave Sutton and Andy Chamberlain 2
Gary Nixon, Dave Sutton and Steve Cox
Gary Nixon, Nico Zornig and Ian Wall
Gary Siddall and Andy Chamberlain
Gary Siddall and anon
Ian Wall

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