AFC Brightwell 6 Oct 2013

6th Oct 2013
JET FC Blog Imgp1070  Alan Potter collecting the league's best linesman of the year trophy. The roll of honour is inscribed in braille. Imgp1075  The Ministry of Funny Walks Imgp1076
Imgp1081  Clearance by Kieran Dawson Imgp1084 Imgp1087 Imgp1097  George Hoareau adds a hamstring to his  injury collection
Imgp1099  Space time vortex warps half way line continuum Imgp1071  On side !!! Imgp1072 Imgp1073  Jon James (No 14) slots a goal
Imgp1078 Imgp1079 Imgp1080 Imgp1082
Imgp1083  Static midfield Imgp1086 Imgp1089  Another goal for Jon Imgp1091
Imgp1095  Aaron's slide tackle Imgp1100  Nobody touched him IMGP1102 Imgp1104  Jon outmanoeuvres Brightwell defence
Imgp1106  Bill powers forward Imgp1109 2  Gotta hurt Imgp1109  Someone forgot to tighten the bottom bracket swivel nut Imgp1113  Matt, you naughty boy
Imgp1116  Chris Baker: don't hurt me Imgp1117  Sadly the ball is going to the right Imgp1121  Half time drinks Imgp1123  Peter Ustinov starring in "The Tilsley Park Carpet Burn Mystery"
Imgp1124  Mat is ready if Joe Hart loses the Head and Shoulders contract - Geraint rests after filling in the Brightwell manager on the half way line Imgp1125  Foxy is surrounded Imgp1127  Greyhound chasing ball Imgp1128  Aaron shielding the ball
Imgp1130  Near post calamity Imgp1131  Westy is on a charge Imgp1133 Imgp1134  Andy Potter invites Brightwell striker to relocate
Imgp1149  Foxy keeps Brightwell at bay Imgp1152  Its around here somewhere Imgp1156  To me - To you Imgp1157
Imgp1159  Jon dribbles while levitating Imgp1166 Imgp1168  Tom Cover shows composure Imgp1169  Jon heading for goal again
Imgp1170  Cage fighting - JET style Imgp1171  Bill blasts a long range effort Imgp1172 Imgp1173  Jon adds the goalie to his tally
Imgp1174  Delicate poise from Mark Lockwood Imgp1176  Tom Cover eager to be first Imgp1177  Jon on a mission Imgp1178  Westy muscles his way into an aerial challenge
Imgp1180  A late tackle Imgp1181  A friendly shirt tug Imgp1182 Imgp1183  Jon darts around the keeper and pops a hat trick
Imgp1184  He fell over Imgp1185  Mark is eager for a goal Imgp1187  Wide shot from Brightwell Imgp1102
UTV League Table after game